Timing is Everything: 4 Eco-Friendly Watch Brands

One of my annual new year’s goals is “be on time.”  (There is a time and place for fashionably late, but I tend to make it the norm.)

Snag one of these snazzy watches, though, and you’ll be fashionably sustainable no matter when you show up:

1. Sprout Watches

According to the company eco-facts, the small size Sprout watch is 80% eco-friendly (by weight) and the large size is 86% eco-friendly.  Materials include corn resin, bamboo, organic cotton, mother-of-pearl, conflict-free diamonds, Tyvek® (a high-density fiber which is strong, water and tear resistant and recyclable), fish leather, mineral crystals, and mercury-free batteries.

I like their Mission StatementSimply put, our mission is to make the most eco-friendly watch we possibly can. We dont believe in inflated claims with lots of exclamation points at the end (no one likes to be screamed at). What we do is tell you the truth about who we are, what we do and what we can & can’t do to make our product more environmentally friendly. We believe in promising less and delivering more. 

Sprout’s philanthropy includes: 1% for the Planet, Riverkeeper, and Trees for the Future.

Eco[nomic] bonus: they’re affordable!  Prices range from $30-$80


These Italian timepieces are made from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood, and for each watch you buy the company plants a tree in cooperation with American Forests.

The watches come in analog and digital chronometer and a variety of hardwoods including: maple, ebony, guaiaco (a tree native to South America), and red wood celtis (derived from flooring waste). Wood, according to WeWood, is recyclable, biodegradable, toxic-free, and lasts forever. Besides requiring less fossil fuels than conventional watch materials such as gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel, wood also traps carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

3. Eco Wrist

All of their watches are derived from all-natural sustainable materials, including: bamboo, tagua nuts, coconut, wood (teak, brittlebush, granadilla tree wood and macana tree wood), cow’s leather and reed. Materials are sourced from South American farms committed to fair labor practices.  The wristbands are made of leather local to the Amazon region, and the husband-wife design team created a way of securing the watch to your wrist without metal clasps.

4. The Patch by Altanus

This is the world’s first biodegradable paper watch!  The website is all in Italian, but you can still watch the awesome video.  According to Ecouterre, The Patch, which was inspired by the papier-mâché floats at the annual Carnival festival in Viareggio, Tuscany, took four years of research and development to create. Weighing only 11 grams (0.3 ounce), the LED ticker is designed to adapt to your wrist like a second skin.  It’s actually quite durable, treated with a coating that makes it waterproof and shock- and tear-resistant.  The Patch is available in several neon colors, a variety of seasonal prints, and country flags.

Ariel Azoff


  1. Cool watches! But you forgot GeBo. They promise to plant 10 (TEN) trees for each watch! And they are water resistant! Hopefully you mention them next time!

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