The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Eco-Fashionistas

Amended Title: The Seven Habits of [What I Imagine to be] Highly Effective Eco-Fashionistas In my pre-thanksgiving post entitled “Baby Steps: How to Lessen Your Eco Guilt This Holiday Season,” I discussed a few steps we conscious consumers can take that… Continue Reading

The Pro’s & Con’s of TOMS Shoes (and another option)

I got a pair of TOMS shoes in the mail last week (thanks Mom).  They’re super comfortable, and I got them in this snazzy gold herringbone pattern:  I know there are issues with give-away philanthropy, so I did a little… Continue Reading

In Sustainable Fashion, is it the thought that counts?

Is it enough that fashion designers have the intention of being sustainable?  Well, no.  But does it make a difference?  Is it a step in the right direction?  Usually. There are a lot of factors to consider when making clothing,… Continue Reading