Shoes that bloom…literally, they bloom

Though unfortunately not yet available in the US, these Dutch shoes are Oat Shoes and they are completely biodegradable! When you’ve worn them out, you literally bury them in the dirt.  

The hemp and cotton will degrade within a couple of months in regular potting earth. The plastic has been tested to break down within 6 months in an ideal environment, but this varies with the type of soil, the temperature and humidity they’re buried in.

Not only will they break down in the soil, they’ll grow flowers.

Each shoe has a collection of wildflower seeds tucked in a sheet of paper in the tongue of the shoe.

So if you’re in Europe, head over to and get yourself some bloomin shoes!

You can even get a pair of the limited edition leather biodegradable sneakers! I wonder where these fit into the leather debate?  Not recycled, but clearly eco-friendly at least at the end of their lives.

Thanks to my friend Vera in Amsterdam for telling me about Oat Shoes!

Ariel Azoff


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