It’s Friday night, so…. Eco Sex.

(Note: this post contains mature content)

Stephanie Weiss wrote a book called Eco-Sex: Go Green Beneath the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable.  Weiss also wrote an article for the Huffington Post about “The Nine Commandments of Eco-Sex: Getting It on the Green Way in 2011” which include organic lube, vegan aphrodisiacs and eco-friendly lingerie.

Intrigued, I did a quick Google search for “eco-sex.”  First, I took the quiz.  Apparently I am an eco-sexual, though I don’t think it’s a very good quiz and I don’t much like the exclusivity (only dating recyclers, etc.).  And anyway, if you would rather be “designing a compost pile with your special someone on a lazy Sunday morning” than lying in bed, I think you already know what you are.

But I digress.  According to Stephanie, “One of the best reasons to become an eco-sexual is that, if you don’t, in a few decades you might not have time for sex you’ll be too busy searching for food or escaping from coastal flooding, hurricanes, drought, and general blight.”

Well that’s a little dire, so let’s talk about eco-friendly sex toys.  My favorite has to be the solar-powered vibrator.  (Far preferable to the hand-crank model, I quite agree with the comments on this one).  Other winners are the vegan edible body candle and the recycled rubber whip.  There’s even an entire online store that sells eco-friendly non-toxic toys.  Tagline: Sustain Your Passion.  And then when you’re all done with your toys, you can recycle them!  No, don’t worry, they don’t reuse them…

For an extremely long and comprehensive article with links to everything you could ever want to know (now you do want to know, don’t you?) about eco-sex, check out Treehugger’s guide on How to Green Your Sex Life.

Oh, and don’t forget your Fair Trade condoms!

Ariel Azoff


  1. This is very interesting, I actually was wondering if there was any ‘natural’ kind of condoms, but I haven’t done any research yet really lol

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