I’m invincible with my Baggu bag!

1. The Japanese word for “bag”
2. An awesome company located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that makes sustainable reusable bags in many shapes and colors.

I visited the Baggu headquarters a few weeks ago, and just last week purchased my very first Baggu bag: the backpack in coral.

The classic Baggu bag is a reusable shopping bag/all-purpose carry-all.  It is available in regular, baby and big sizes, and a plethora of fun colors and prints. You can even dip dye or screen print your Baggu to make it extra-special.

And, so you can bring it wherever you go (I routinely forget my Trader Joe’s reusable bag on days when I want to stop by after work), Baggus fold into pouches that you can pop in your purse and always have on hand.  There are also daypacks, backpacks, pouches and laptop cases.

When Baggu president and founder Emily Sugihara graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in economics, she thought she was going to be a banker.  But after college she did a year at the Parsons design school and worked for a small brand where she discovered her affinity for the operations side of fashion.  So, in 2007 she began collaborating with her mother, Joan, and  Baggu was born.  Joan  still creates all of the shapes and patterns for the brand from her home in California.

Not only are Baggu bags cute and useful, they are sustainable in many different ways:

  • The Baby, Standard, and Big sized Baggus are made from ripstop nylon, a super durable, long-lasting fabric.
  • Baggu’s pattern is cut to reduce material waste and the pouch is made from scrap fabric.
  • Because Baggu is so lightweight, its carbon footprint in traveling to you is small.
  • If you want to recycle an old Baggu, you can send it back to the company and get a credit towards a new one.
  • Some products, including my new backpack, are made of recycled cotton duck.  Others are recycled cotton canvas.
  • All of the leather Baggus are made in NYC.  The other bags are made ethically in China.
  • Every time someone uses a Baggu instead of paper or plastic, that someone is increasing their eco-cred and helping the planet.

On top of all that, Baggus are super affordable! There really is no downside, and you can use different Baggus for different daily needs.  Emily uses her Baggus for everything:

I always have two Baggus and a Baby Baggu with me, as well as a million zipper pouches,” she told me.  “I usually carry a Duck bag or maybe one of the leather bags. I use Big Baggu for laundry. I use almost all of our bags every day. One of the things we think about when we decide on new products is: what do we use everyday that we could make better?

Check out the company’s website and Tumblr and put some Baggu into your life.

Ariel Azoff

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