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Ladies: Are you looking for a flattering dress that you can wear to work and out at night that will never go out of style?  How about one that fits your do-gooder values?  Look no further than ELSA AND ME.  Inspired by an elegant, colorful and stylish grandma named Elsa, ELSA AND ME was founded to provide classy, sustainable business attire for women.

elsa-dm-007When founder Maja Svensson arrived in New York from Sweden 4 years ago, she found a city full of people with ideas.  She had come for an internship with the Swedish consulate which quickly turned into a job consulting for American companies moving to Sweden.  But the entrepreneurial spirit was strong in her, and, nurtured by the go-get-em attitude of the NY startup scene, she founded ELSA AND ME in 2009.

Though not a designer herself, Maja has always been interested in clothing and has an innate ability to visualize design.  Undaunted by her lack of fashion experience, she connected with pattern makers in the NY garment district and collaborated to create her brand.  Her very first designs appeared in a small fashion show, and she has steadily grown a following from there.

elsa-dm-010The heart of ELSA AND ME, and currently the sole style, is the Elsa Dress.  The Elsa Dress is comfortable for work and elegant during cocktail hours. Made of organic cotton fabric, it is produced locally in New York City, and is eternally stylish and trend-independent. Currently, the Elsa is available in Dusty Black, Vanilla White, Midnight Blue and Power Red, and more colors will be introduced throughout 2012.  The structure of the dress makes it universally flattering, especially the black version which is mixed with 2% stretch material.  img_2533

Right now, the Elsa Dress is available for custom order only.  If you are in the NY City area, Maja will come to your workplace or home with an armful of sizes and colors for you to try on.  She’s built up some good arm muscles, carrying those gorgeous dresses around the city for the last few months.

Maja in Dusty Black

Maja in Dusty Black

For ordering information, to learn more, and to see some fabulous women wearing the Elsa Dress, check out the website!  (and stay tuned, I may be pictured there soon myself!)

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