EcoChic Swimwear for Spring Break and Beyond

Emobi yellow floral bikini printed with eco inks and manufactured with sustainable practices in Australia. Available at Fashion Conscience

– Black Beaded one-piece and print two-piece, both Made in USA by Mara Hoffman.

Itsy bitsy teeny weeny black polka-dot bikini by my fav, Eco Swim by Aqua Green. (Made from recycled plastic bottles)


Lalesso Hariri Kaftan, 100% silk, made in Kenya w/sustainable practices

Kelly B organic cotton bikini, available at Fashion Conscience

Fair + true fair trade African print bikini, top can be worn 4 different ways, available at Fashion Conscience

G Dias bikini, handmade in Brazil

G Dias bikini, handmade in Brazil

For more, check out my Sustainable Swimwear Pinboard.

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