Coppershot Jewelry: Reclaimed Metal Magic

Coppershot Jewelry: Reclaimed Metal Magic Three years ago, seemingly on a whim, my Uncle Mitch began making earrings from reclaimed copper.  Since then, he’s created a whole line, named it Coppershot, and is selling it on the interwebs and in stores around the country.

Coppershot Jewelry: Reclaimed Metal Magic His father  (my grandfather) was a skilled jeweler who in his retirement creates gorgeous stained glass pieces, so artistic talent clearly runs in the family.  Uncle Mitch himself was trained in fine arts.  When I was a little kid, he worked as a craftsman making beautiful wooden furniture.

Fast forward a decade or so, and Uncle Mitch works in a Wisconsin factory that produces transistors.  He’s around copper and other metals all the time, and one day  the idea struck him to use scrap copper for earrings.  So, he got his hands on some and began experimenting with dipping it in lead-free solder to create a gorgeous landscape effect, like this:Coppershot Jewelry: Reclaimed Metal Magic

“It’s a beautiful combination, the warmth of the copper with the cool of the silver,” he explained.

From there Uncle Mitch expanded operations: experimenting with wire wrapping, colored tape, beads, and gemstones.  He started making some pieces by hammering the copper, and branched out geometrically as well.  He added necklaces, used a wire brush to create textures, and even threw in bits of repurposed denim.Coppershot Jewelry: Reclaimed Metal Magic

“I’m creating wearable art from copper, the world’s first decorative metal.  The ancient Egyptians used it, look it up.”

(I did look it up, and the Sumerians may have beat them to it – but that’s another article.)

You can shop Coppershot on Etsy, and if you see something you like here and have a specific request, custom pairs are available.  To place an order, or if you own a shop and are interested in purchasing wholesale, holler at me!Coppershot Jewelry: Reclaimed Metal Magic

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