When You Think About Bangladesh, I Bet You Don’t Picture This

A few years ago, a very good friend of mine, Nur-E Farhana Rahman, took a leap. She quit her comfy consulting job to pursue a dream. It was her dream and also her mother’s, and its roots stretch back generations to her grandfather in Bangladesh.

I’ll let her tell you more about it:

To me, there are a whole bunch of reasons to support Knotty Gal’s Kickstarter campaign. To name a few (with gifs!):

  1. Supporting a homegrown small business. 3 cheers for social entrepreneurship! KGgif2
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This dress is the breathtaking result of the ELSA AND ME + Vividly Design Challenge

Presenting…the “Thorns” ELSA:

thorns elsaThe “Thorns” ELSA is the work of Miami artist and designer Rosie Brown. Brown’s artwork was selected from over 100 artist submissions as the winner of last month’s Elsa and MeVividly ELSA Print Challenge.

The “Thorns” ELSA is responsibly made from organic cotton sateen fabric and produced individually in New York City’s Garment District. The limited edition dress is available now, order by November 7th to get it in time for holiday parties!

The story of a company that makes all of its products from…waste? (and of my new cellphone case)

“Each day, one factory may generate as much as 4,500 pounds of excess scrap leather.” That’s according to Scott Hamlin, co-founder of a Portland, Oregon-based company called LOOPTWORKS.

WEB-LEATHER-PROJECT-IMAGERidiculous amounts of waste, as we know, are not unique to the leather industry.  Apparel in general is incredibly wasteful.  Tons of material ends up on factory floors every day and goes straight to landfills.

So, in 2009, Scott and Gary decided to do something about it.  They founded LOOPTWORKS, a company entirely dedicated to upcycling discarded materials.  Each line is a limited edition run of products made from a specific material that needed a new life.

Their most recent release is a line of upcycled leather accessories for cellphones and iPads. As Continue reading

Announcing: Vividly + ELSA AND ME design challenge

Ok, this is VERY exciting.  Two of my favorite sustainable fashion lines are teaming up!

Vividly is hosting a challenge to find the perfect print for the sleeveless ELSA dress. Can you say “match made in heaven?”

The challenge opens on Monday, details here.


New Vividly pieces mean you can wear art ALL OVER YOUR BODY!

A couple months ago, my dear friends Silvia and Sabrina rebranded their startup SewLove as Vividly.co.  With that rebranding, they created a truly unique fashion experience: wearable art.

Golden Gate Top by Lani Woods Model: Megan Murphy Photographer: Gabriel Sanchez

Golden Gate Top by Lani Woods
Model: Megan Murphy
Photographer: Gabriel Sanchez

On Vividly, artists upload their work and shoppers order clothing with the art printed on it. The artists get support and exposure, and we get limited-edition statement pieces.

And those pieces are pretty damn sustainable.  All are Made in the USA with eco-friendly digital printing, and many of them incorporate sustainable textiles.

Up until now, Vividly has been making tanks and scarves, but today they released 3 new fabulous silhouettes: the Silk Bomber Jacket, Organic Cotton Pencil Skirt, and Dress.

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