This dress is the breathtaking result of the ELSA AND ME + Vividly Design Challenge

thorns elsa

Presenting…the “Thorns” ELSA: The “Thorns” ELSA is the work of Miami artist and designer Rosie Brown. Brown’s artwork was selected from over 100 artist submissions as the winner of last month’s Elsa and Me & Vividly ELSA Print Challenge. The “Thorns” ELSA is… Continue Reading

The story of a company that makes all of its products from…waste? (and of my new cellphone case)


“Each day, one factory may generate as much as 4,500 pounds of excess scrap leather.” That’s according to Scott Hamlin, co-founder of a Portland, Oregon-based company called LOOPTWORKS. Ridiculous amounts of waste, as we know, are not unique to the… Continue Reading