AVERY by Annching Wang

Vancouver designer Annching Wang is about to launch her first solo line: AVERY.  I’ll let her introduce herself:
[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/34453187 w=400&h=225]

Annching’s mission is to create conscious clothes that are chic, modern, and minimalist.

Inspired by the power of simplicity, her first collection will be based on the simple white button-down shirt.  The collection will be comprised of four pieces intended to become signature AVERY designs, and will feature a custom digital-design print called “bloom,” representing the dawn and new beginnings.

Further evidence of  her minimalist aesthetic: her aversion to handbags. “I’m not a fan of handbags because to me they are cumbersome,” she told me.  “Having my hands free when I’m out is something that I enjoy. I try my best to sneak everything (the essentials: cellphone, keys, credit card) in my pockets.”  She went on to explain that she’s not against handbags, she’s just not the type to buy a new one every season.  Which leads me to the next thing I think is really cool about AVERY: “Collections are not dictated by season, but by inspiration.”

avery parkergreen-1_grandeBut why is Heartsleeves concerned with this launch?  Sustainability, of course! Wang is using 80% eco-friendly fabrics, including organic cotton poplin and hemp-silk.  It’s difficult for designers to be 100% eco, and I think it’s important that they be honest about the challenges they face in “going green.”

One of Annching’s challenges is finding the right eco-friendly fabric for the print she’s designed.  She is doing what she can, and hopes to increase her eco cred with each successive collection.  For starters, she plans to manufacture locally in Vancouver!

Annching is launching her line with the help of crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.  She is the second up-and-coming sustainable fashion designer I’ve met in as many months going the crowdfunding route and I wish her and others like her the best of luck!

Check out her website and blog where she will be revealing details about the 4 signature pieces throughout the month.  I’m looking forward to the launch!

Ariel Azoff


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