Amour Vert: Breaking Barriers with Classic French Flair

By Amanda Sperber

One of my favorite discoveries at last week’s ENK trade show was the Paris-via-San Francisco-based label Amour Vert.  Amour Vert is chicly leading the way to a full-on fundamental shift in the fashion industry, designing beautiful clothes with mindfulness and respect for our surroundings.   

Meaning “Green Love” in French, Amour Vert offers style with clean lines that are as coolly refined as they are environmentally friendly.  A native of Paris, founder Linda Balti was inspired to fuse her passion for high fashion with a mounting concern for the environment.  The result is a romantic, modern yet classic look with clothes made of natural and organic products that keep chemicals “off your skin and out of the soil.”  The line is made of fabrics including organic cotton, soy, tencel and hemp.

One of the many sweet aspects of this brand? The LBD line. Yup, Amour Vert has a collection of eco-friendly little black dresses. Besides the obvious benefits a slew of well-made LBD’s holds, wearing one of Amour Vert’s lovely black numbers helps change the stereotype that eco-conscious clothing can’t look pulled together.

But seriously, they’re going to be in Nieman’s soon. So head on over to the Amour Vert bandwagon and break some eco-chic ground while it’s trendy.

Amanda Sperber joined the team in NYC last month, and her series of brand profiles will be appearing on the blog over the next few weeks.  She tweets @hysperbole

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