Alkemie Jewelry: Reclaimed Magic

I just stumbled upon what I think is my new favorite jewelry designer.  Called Alkemie, the company is run by design team Dara Gerson & Ashley Lowengrub.  They make all of their bracelets, rings, necklaces, belts and earrings from 100% reclaimed metal.  Everything is handcrafted in their LA studio.  AND they give 5% of their profits to charity!  This month, the donations are going to the Seva Foundation, a Berkeley based non-profit that provides financial resources and technical expertise to help communities build sustainable solutions to poverty and disease.  Adding Alkemie jewelry to my wishlist!

Note: it was REALLY difficult to choose the images for this post, I love everything they make!  Here are some highlights, though:

Zipper Bangle

Large Stingray Cuff with Tear

3 Belts Belt

peacock feather earrings

60's Standing Owl Necklace (I love owls, obsessed with this one)

Belt Buckle Ring

Ariel Azoff


  1. Hi, I too am a fan of
    unique jewelry, especially if it’s
    Expressive of a vintage and timeless
    testament encompassing elements of
    Of the fauna and
    Species. I design likewise pieces but use precious metals such as recycled gold and recycled silver,
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    So that the pieces can remain a timeless
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    As a bold and stylish statement of the present.
    Check it out. It’s on etsy at the moment. Called “Skyler Man”

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