Empowered Guatamalan women dye, weave, and upcycle old shirts. The results are super clutch.


A young woman walks into a village in Guatemala speaking Spanish like a pura chapina and asking if any of the women are looking to sell their handwoven clothes. Some of the women are. She collects these textiles, brings them back to Antigua, and turns them into stuff like this:

(That's me on the right there)

(That’s me on the right there)

This is the Macaw Clutch, a product of Kakaw Designs. Kakaw is the brainchild of Mari Gray, who was born in Guatemala but raised in the US and Japan. She moved back to Guatemala as a twenty-something to teach and soon found herself designing leather boots on the side (you know, as one does when one gets bored). Turns out, she’s pretty damn good at it.
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9 Sales on Sustainable Stuff this weekend

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going anywhere near a department store this weekend. Black Friday and the Weekend of Consumerism make me a little uncomfortable, to be honest. But there are deals to be had and I’d much rather take advantage of them from the safety and comfort of my couch.

Here are 9 of my favorite brands that are having sales this weekend:

1.United By Blue – A fantastic company that not only removes a pound of trash from the ocean for every product sold, but produces those products responsibly with an eye to durability that makes them the opposite of fast fashion. I have a great infinity scarf from them and have also purchased a few of their men’s t-shirts as gifts. Highly recommend!

post via United by Blue

poster from United by Blue

2. Baggu – It’s so exciting to see Baggu becoming a household name. I interviewed the founder back in 2012, and the company has really blown up since then. I now own a backpack, laptop case, and several of the original bags. 20% off all weekend! Continue Reading

Makeup recommendations from a woman who prefers pomegranate to parabens

Disclosure: the links to makeup products below are affiliate links, meaning that a small percentage of any purchases made after clicking will go to supporting this blog. 

It all started two years ago, when my friend Maddie convinced me to start buying natural and organic cosmetics.

Slowly, I replaced all of my old, chemical-ridden stuff with makeup purchased at health food stores. It felt good to be making the “right” purchases, and — as many of my lady friends can attest — I’ve become something of an evangelist about it.

Maddie and I knitting, circa 1998.

Maddie and I knitting, circa 1998.

But here’s my confession: I didn’t really know why my new makeup was better than my old makeup. Until now.

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When You Think About Bangladesh, I Bet You Don’t Picture This

Knotty Gal

A few years ago, a very good friend of mine, Nur-E Farhana Rahman, took a leap. She quit her comfy consulting job to pursue a dream. It was her dream and also her mother’s, and its roots stretch back generations to her grandfather in Bangladesh.

I’ll let her tell you more about it:

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This dress is the breathtaking result of the ELSA AND ME + Vividly Design Challenge

thorns elsa

Presenting…the “Thorns” ELSA:

thorns elsaThe “Thorns” ELSA is the work of Miami artist and designer Rosie Brown. Brown’s artwork was selected from over 100 artist submissions as the winner of last month’s Elsa and MeVividly ELSA Print Challenge.

The “Thorns” ELSA is responsibly made from organic cotton sateen fabric and produced individually in New York City’s Garment District. The limited edition dress is available now, order by November 7th to get it in time for holiday parties!